Essential Vendors Needed for Your Wedding

Part of planning the wedding party is dealing with different wedding vendors. Without these essential bridal vendors, couples could not be able to come up with a better wedding that will amaze the guest. Since wedding is the most special day that will mark the married life of both the couple, it should be perfect.

Below is the timeline prepared by top10weddingvendors.com that could be your guide when you are planning your own wedding plus the vendors needed to be integrated:

6-9 months before wedding day

Planner: If you are not planning to personally process everything in your wedding, go get a planner. Since this is the initial month of your preparation, leave it to your planner since he or she will have a link to the rest of the vendors you’ll need along the process.

Venue: After you have decided the wedding date, dealing with the venue provider is next on the list. Make sure that you have decided whether to get a separate wedding venue for the matrimonial ceremony and reception, or you will get one venue for the ceremony and reception.

Photographer or videographer: The next thing on the list is your photographer. If you want to have a video coverage then you might decide to get photography and video package from the same vendor.

Bridal caterers: The wedding will not be complete without the food being served on the event itself. Since this is an important element, this should be planned with your preferred bridal caterer ahead of time.

Wedding cake: This is an important centerpiece that should not be forgotten. Without it, there will be no dessert. The bridal cake should also follow the theme being set by the planner and the couple to achieve unifying aesthetics.

Florist: Decide your floral palette ahead of time. This is a must in order to ensure that you will be getting the species of flowers you wanted to feature on your event. Through reserving ahead, you can be able feel secured that you will receive flowers on the date you needed it.

Transportation: Your wedding is a special day so you deserve some stylish and luxury car. You can also arrange transport service for your guests so that they will not have difficulty accessing the locations of the chapel and the reception.

Dress or gown: A bride could not walk the aisle if she has no dress, whether informal or not. The dress should be decided appropriately based form the body features of the bride. Talking to a professional designer is important so that the bride is well guided on her dress selection. It should also be based from the general theme of the wedding party that was decided beforehand.

Ring: Most couples should decide whether they are going to choose gold, white gold or platinum. In order to make things easier, ask advice from your wedding ring vendor which style will really match the personality of the bride and the groom.

Entertainment/DJ’s: In order for the wedding to have unity with music, there should be a DJ. If you decide to get a wedding DJ, make sure that the provider is well trained and fully experienced. It is always good to go in a party wherein there is an appropriate music in every transition of the activities.

The comprehensive list of wedding vendors above will help you organize a perfect wedding party. It is important that they should exist on your checklist. Always review your checklist together with your planner to ensure nothing is left out.

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