Usual Errors Committed when Hiring San Antonio, TX Catering Company for Wedding

Wedding Catering Mistakes

Are you currently busy thinking about the food to prepare and serve on your wedding? It is definitely one of the challenging parts of wedding planning, since there are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to food. You can either have a barbecue, hire a food truck, picnic style reception, or a buffet. Of course you need to keep in mind the type of wedding you want to host.

Wedding CateringWhen you are still undecided, you can always start searching for wedding catering in San Antonio, TX. Catering companies nowadays offer a wide variety of catering services, whether it’s an outdoor wedding, cocktail reception or a barbecue wedding party. With a professional catering company to help you, it is guaranteed there won’t be any hassle during the big day. However, there are still some people who commit mistakes when dealing with caterers. What are these usual errors, here are some below.

There are couples who do not ask their wedding venue about the catering aspect. You should know that there are venues who have chefs and onsite caterers. These venues typically do not allow outside caterers and vendors, so as their onsite catering service will be prioritized. Without verifying about this from the venue coordinator, you will end up spending more for the wedding. There is an advantage if you consider the onsite catering. When you want to serve freshly prepared food, the onsite caterer can surely provide that for you.

Ordering specific amount of food for specific number of guests. This is often the thing done by some couples who are on a tight budget, and by those who want to limit the number of food to serve. On the other hand, limiting the volume of food to serve can lead to hunger and dissatisfaction among your guests. Remember that you are hosting a celebration, and a celebration isn’t complete and successful without and insufficient food. Tell your caterer the exact number of guests that are sure to attend your wedding. Then ask the caterer to prepare additional amount of food for ten or more guests, in case someone surprisingly arrives at the reception. The same thing goes for the beverages and cake. There should be enough amount to satisfy all of your guests.

Showing less concern during the planning process of the wedding menu. Hey it’s your wedding so every little thing about it should represent you and your partner’s taste and personalities. If you have a wedding planner helping you decide, you surely are more relaxed but it does not mean the decision-making is also your planner’s job. The catering company can prepare and serve any food you like, but they are not mind readers to know exactly what’s suitable for your wedding. If you are not getting involved with your caterer and planner in establishing your wedding menu, it will not be your wedding anymore.

Another important thing to remember before you start searching for wedding catering in San Antonio, TX is to prepare sufficient budget for the food. With enough food, your wedding celebration will be a big hit, but you can’t have enough food if you don’t have enough money prepared.

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